The final phase is DELIVER. It encompasses Procurement, Receipt, Installation and Move Management.

The adjacent screen, the INVENTORY module, as opposed to the app, reflects the reusable items from the app and the locations in which they are going to be reused.

The module reflects the asset tag number of the item, its image(s), and its future location by Space Number and Wayfinding Number (Signage). Wih the information in the inventory module, a report is generated that indicates the existing item and its asset tag, its previous location in the existing facility and its new location in the new facility. This creates the move document for reused items to be given to the move contractor. By defnition, movable equipment will have moved, but by its asset tag, each item is uniquely identifiable as to its reused location.

The Purchase Order module, which is linked to all other modules in the U.S.E.R. system, indicates for each purchase order its number, vendor to whom it was written, and the contact information for the vendor. Additionally, it lists all items contained in the PO and each item is linked directly to all other U.S.E.R. information which is retrievable with a single click.

Finally there is possibly the most important module, the DASHBOARD. The DASHBOARD is uniquely configured at each project phase to present a morning summary of the project status. Any number of window panes can be created to reflect desired information. The example is a DASHBOARD for the DELIVERY phase wherein financials and schedule panes are indicated. Each pane is linked to its backup information.

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