DESIGN is the next major task (Modules are highlighted in Blue on each screen shot). After standards are applied to the project space program, each space is now populated with a list of suggested equipment. At this juncture the equipment is listed as new. This listing is reviewed with user groups per room, and items deemed 'Reusable' as a result of the inventory are integrated, thus creating the initial project specific equipment list.

Each item of equipment per room is linked to its own specific data in the EQUIPMENT module. This data is relevant to this one item and includes: location information, tagging data, budget and cost,   as well as the delta between the two. Also, procurement timelines are established and estimated dates of each task versus actual dates are tracked. Once Purchase Orders are created, this information automatically appears in this module as well.

The CATALOG module represents all data shared by  all instances of a particular equipment type. As funding is generally limited, purchase priorities are introduced and tracked. Other data from other modules is automatically imported indicating manufacturer, model, cost and schedule information.

CATALOG (see tabs in bottom section of each slide) tracks location of every occurence of the item type and all milestone date information together with PO information when established. The module tracks all financial information for the equipment category including the total cost of the category, how much has been expended to date, whether the discount percent was over or under projection, the discounted price total, delta between actual and the expected in both dollars and percent.

Of immense importance is the ability of the CATALOG module to contain 'documents'. All matter of files, be they the manufacturer spec sheet, installation plans, images, REVIT model, etc. can be added to this module for review and download. When a team member clicks on the file, it opens in its native format on the users computer.

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